ROGace was developed with three primary goals in mind

  1. To introduce tennis to more children, while improving the average skill level of all participants – regardless of their perceived athletic abilities or passion for athletics.
  2. To ignite a lifelong passion for tennis in beginner and intermediate players, as they’ll come to recognize the beauty and ease with which the game can be learned, in its truest and most challenging form.
  3. To promote healthy play for children within an engaging program that builds self-confidence, persistence, adaptability, responsibility and self-governance, through objectively identified skills.

ROGace is built off three key tenets:


Forehand. Backhand. Volley. Slice. Throw in a few winners down the line, wicked topspin, and great strategy, and you have a child who’s ready to compete among the best youth players.

At ROGace, our focus is on teaching all of the strokes and strategy from the earliest stages of learning the game. We believe that a firm understanding of the game and proper strategy is a driving force behind a mastery of technique. And none of that comes without proper engagement. That’s why we use fun games as an engagement vehicle, keeping kids excited and prepared for competition. Couple that with our use of modified equipment and modified court size, and you have a winning combination to achieve maximum tennis proficiency.


Imagine not knowing what it will take to get your child to the next level of their athletic progression? Or having no idea what skills they need to improve most? Unfortunately, this scenario plays out all too often in youth sports, as parents are left in the dark, and with more questions than answers.

At ROGace, we set out from the beginning to ensure that expectations for children and parents are clearly defined, in all facets of progression and development. Also, through the use of our visually-appealing program shirts, we make sure that your child’s progress is both measurable and trackable – and that’s in addition to the personal consultations, group meetings, website updates and email communications you’ll receive throughout the program. At ROGace, consistent and transparent communication is as important as a two-handed backhand.


Coaching youth sports isn’t easy. Have you ever watched a 5-year-old pick dandelions on the soccer field? Or a six-year-old chase butterflies in the outfield? One of the most difficult parts about coaching youth sports is the ability of the coach to keep children engaged.

That’s why ROGace works to ensure that all of our coaches possess the ability to keep even the youngest players engaged. And despite the fact that many of our coaches already specialize in coaching young players, we take the time to train our coaches on specialized ROGace methods. This ensures maximum engagement and greater participation, and high standards across the board.

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